RNA MST  —  An efficient and flexible search tool for RNA structural homologs.

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Citing RNAMST:
T.H. Chang, H.D. Huang, T.N. Chuang, D.M. Shien and J.T. Horng. (2006) "RNAMST:efficient and flexible approach for identifying RNA structural homologs", Nucleic Acids Research V.34:W423-W428. [PudMed]

 What is RNAMST ?

RNAMST is an efficient and flexible RNA Motif Search Tool for RNA structural homologs. RNAMST web server accepts four different kinds of input formats to facilitate user to describe a RNA structure easily. Beside, several databases are provided and have been processed by our algorithm. Therefore, the user can easily and quickly search the RNA structural homologs against the huge amount of sequences. In addition, RNAMST is able to search structure with asymmetric mispair and bulges that makes the search more comprehensive and practical.

 Why using RNAMST ?

 How to use RNAMST ?

RNAMST provide a convenient interface on web. The user can step by step describe the query RNA structure, select search databases and set constraints, and the results of RNA structure homologs are displayed on the screen immediately.

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